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UAH Twilight 5k race report

x-posted to runners. I had not ran much in July prior to the race on the 19th. A couple of times I tried, including the race course, but it was just not in me. I don't know what was up. I know it wasn't dehydration. Maybe I needed to be eating more. Or maybe it was the hiking at work, such as a trail with ~800ft vertical that I hiked up hard to get to the spot where I was working and felt like I had ran a 5k when I got there. I also don't have regular internet access now, so I haven't been posting much. I'm requesting any good advice on not getting nauseous. It's kind of long, but here is the

I kind of took it easy for 2 days before the race with little biking and no hard biking. It was a 3.5mi bike ride to the race, and I got there about 2 hours early and went to the library. I had some citrulline malate and Clif shot blocks before leaving, so it was going to be nearly 3 hours after eating when the race started. I didn't have much water after arriving at the library since I had plenty earlier in the day and wanted my stomach to be empty for the race.

I stretched some and warmed up walking about 10 minutes before the race. There were separate races for men and women. I lined up near the back of the pack. I figured that would be a good place for me. When the race started I was like oh jeez there are people running slower than me. So I passed more people than I expected in the first half mile and continued to pass people for the rest of the first mile. I first started having burps on the most significant downhill. I slowed down a bit due to those. I got to the volunteer calling 1st mile times and had about 7:15. I had some more burps and upset stomach and chose not to get any water. The 2nd mile is mostly flat and includes the turnaround. I had about 15:15 for it and was kind of disappointed because I knew I could be going faster but didn't want to push it and puke.

I continued with that slower pace to keep from getting sick and passed the water station again. I wasn't passing anyone else by this time. There was a bit of an uphill and downhill, then the uphill of that more significant one that we ran down earlier. I decided I would turn it on, and I passed two older guys on the climb. I ran through the top, but then I moved over to the right after about 50ft and slowed because I seriously thought I was going to puke. Even on the hill I wasn't mouth breathing, so I think both my legs and aerobic system both had more in them. One of those older guys that I passed on the hill passed me. I picked the pace back up and kept up with him without puking through the finish. The 3rd mile volunteer called about 23:50, so I ran the wrong order splits of about 7:15, 8:00, 8:30. I finished in 24:34, and the other older guy that I passed on the hill finished 2 seconds behind that.

This time was worse than my best training effort, which is kind of disappointing. 7:15 was a pretty fast 1st mile for me, but I don't think it was too fast. I would have kept it under 7:30 and maybe gotten under 7:00 for the other 2 had my stomach been ok with me pushing it. So I guess considering how nauseous I was the performance was ok. I'd really like to know how to avoid that. I finished 57th of 143 and got 3rd in my age group. The 3rd was kind of lame because if I had been feeling better I would have gotten 2nd, as I got 3rd by like 8 seconds. There is no way I would have gotten first because that guy won 1st overall. But enough non serious runners like myself showed up that I actually got an award but didn't stay for it because I figured surely I didn't.

The guy that got 2nd was 15 or 16. I guess he didn't like getting 2nd and wanted to start training soon for winning, because around 2.9 miles I saw him coming back on the sidewalk to run the course again. That's pretty hardcore. I didn't start training again until the next day. I ran to work which was about 2 miles each way. Then yesterday I ran about 6 total but only about 2.5 without stopping because I was running to the library. Later in the evening I rode my bike about 16mi to my gramma's because I needed to ride here, and I wanted a day off from physical activity; today is great because it's raining. Both those runs were at a better pace than the 5k, and I only got nauseous on the slight downhills where I was going pretty fast but not exerting myself so much. I wonder if I get nauseous due to the sloshing around from going faster. And I wonder if having half a bagel or something similar would keep me from it. Or Tums?

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